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Custom Clothier & Style/Image Consultant



A style & image consulting professional and custom clothier working with both men and women of all ages and different professional backgrounds.  


It is both our passion and profession to assess each of our clients individual needs by highlighting their unique attributes that make them distinctive. It's imperative for all clients and we assist each of them in discovering their individuality through their own personal style that will allow them to exude confidence while being the most enhanced sartorial version of themselves. This is through an array of personal fashion styling services and unique made to measure, custom clothing and accessories that we offer.  The end result must be the best and this is almost secondary to the impeccable service each client receives.

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 We offer the following services tailored to each clients individual needs: style evaluations, closet audits, personal shopping, fittings, and look creation/look book services offered in Style/Wardrobe upgrade packages. 

Photoshoot and editorial styling are also available. 

As a custom clothier, we offer one of a kind made to measure custom suits, blazers, waistcoats, pants, shirts, overcoats, footwear, and accessories for the style connoisseur with an appreciation for personal flair who exudes their individuality through the art of how they dress.  

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Servicing the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex 


Michael Rodriguez


(972) 854 2455

Creatively chic & colorful. 

Creatively chic & colorful. 



It all starts here.  It's important for us all to be in the know of all things fashion as from this we derive what is useful for ourselves to express who we are in the way we dress.  


Personal style and individuality are incorporated into our lives here both personally and professionally with every endeavor we partake in.  Living, breathing and constant research on evolving our lives as sartorialists is an absolute must.  


It's said that you either have it or you don't.  And the truth is that no one has ever started out knowing exactly what looks good on them or how to express themselves correctly in the world of style.  We all start somewhere.  We live in a world where we are judged by the way we look and carry ourselves.  And we don't make these rules in life, but we will certainly keep you several steps ahead of them to navigate through your world more freely and comfortably.   And if you allow us, we will take you to the heights of this art form by putting the best version of yourself never before seen out into the world with results that last a lifetime. 

made to measure clothing/accessories

Made to measure or custom made clothing is designed to fulfill a particular set of requirements.  Your requirements.  All made to your personal preferences, for your liking and uniqueness.  This service is for the man or woman who thrives on having one of a kind clothing and accessories that represents their taste and in expressing who they are.  Even if it's just in the subtle details.  After all, it's the details that differentiate us.  


An Italian word in origin, the art that is Sprezzatura is defined as being the highest form of understood personal style.  Effortless elegance, studied carelessness, artful dishevelment and a certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever one does or says appear to be without effort.  




Having great style and individuality come from knowing who you are, what looks good on you, and making that your signature.
— Michael Rodriguez

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